Press Quotes & Awards


Rolling Stone:

"...the former guitarist for Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen has lost none of his truck-stop twang."

Johnny Cash:

"I think he's great. You should hear him on the new [Nick Lowe] album." (From interview, "Washington Times " 9/4/94)

Nick Lowe:

"He's like a devastating culmination of the elegant and funky a really sensational musician, with enormous depth." (From interview, "Washington Times" 9/24/94)

Guitar Player:

"If you're a fan of the Tele sound, Bill Kirchen and Too Much Fun are the hottest ticket around."

People Magazine:

"[Nick Lowe album] enhanced by Bill Kirchen's wistfull guitar fills."

Austin American-Statesman:

"Bill Kirchen rules. It's just that simple. [His] no-nonsense diesel guitar attack, powered by great booming, bottom-heavy licks still covered with axle grease, is undoubtedly the real thing, scattering scorching guitar runs in all directions, it's all immediate, in your face and more than a little dangerous. The crazed crowd at the Continental left little doubt he's certainly welcome to come back to Austin any and every time he so desires."

Dallas Observer:

"Kirchen is still in the driver's seat. His Telecaster remains a gritty, forceful weapon that recalls the legends of the electric guitar while retaining a twangy elegance all its own. The crowd was so blown away by his prowess that they were on their feet stomping and cheering for a full five minutes after the band left the stage."

The Washington Post:

"...strong original material - delightful covers - a first rank guitarist, as fluent as they come. First distributed in Europe and now released in the United States, Bill Kirchen's 'Tombstone Every Mile' infuses rockabilly and honky-tonk music with a contagious blend of hard-core devotion and lighthearted fun. Whether falling in or out of love, planning a rockabilly funeral or playing yet another fool on a bar stool, his exceptionally nimble guitar playing is always at the service of the song, not the other way around."

The Record Roundup:

"...the guy is one of the most frighteningly talented guitarists playing American roots rock today. His sense of humor and finesse come across whether he's playing Western swing, rockabilly, boozy honky tonk weepers, hammer-down rock 'n' roll, or a sweet arrangement of Link Davis' 'Lovin' Cajun Style' it's as hot and substantial as a trucker's breakfast."

Washington City Paper:

"...adroit renditions of honky-tonk and rock 'n' roll nuggets deliver more musical pleasure than a lifetime of sweaty, grimacing antics." "Now habitues of his live set with Too Much Fun can enjoy the CD, including 'Secrets of Love' and 'Tell Me the Reason', penned by Kirchen x and made familiar by the musician's relentless enthusiasm and frequent local appearances."

Washington Area Music Awards:

"Wammies" in Roots Rock/Traditional R&B and Country-Male Vocalist and Best Artist/Group for 1991, Best Artist/Group for 1992 and Best Male Vocalist for 1993.

More Wammies

Bill Kirchen and Too Much Fun swept the Washington Area Music Awards again in 1998, winning a total of five Wammies, including Musician and Artist of the Year, was a multiple winner in 1997 and received ten awards, including Songwriter of the Year in 1996.

Roots & News:

"...[during Hot Rod Lincoln] he passed by every guitar hero he ever had. When he passed Bo Diddley, for example, the trio shifted gears into the stomping riff from Diddley's 'Who Do You Love', and when he passed Buck Owens he shifted into the twangy signature of Owens' Bakersfield sound. Like an impassioned preacher in a souped-up convertible, Kirchen described passing Muddy Waters, Link Wray, Merle Haggard, B. B. King, Carl Perkins, Jimi Hendrix and more, nodding in tribute to each one with a perfect guitar quotation as he drove by. Bill Kirchen took everyone for the ride of their lives in his "Hot Rod Lincoln".

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