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Talk about a rolling stone. Bill is leaving jet trails wherever he goes. Just back from a fabulous tour down under in the land of OZ w/Dave Gonzales and The Paladins, & topping it off with a lil bit of recording with the lovely and talented Git gals, he then touched home for three days. Next, he breezed thru northern Cal with a Moonlighters reunion weekend and is now winging his way back east to the old stompin grounds for the entire month of May in the DC area, playing with fabulous bassist Dan Gold (Beats Walkin) and original Too Much Fun drummer Dave Elliott (Redneck Jazz, co-founder of Danny & the Fat Boys w/Danny Gatton).

Texas gets him back in June! with the incredible Sarah Brown on bass and the tall and talented Tom Lewis on drums. Sarah will be performing some of her own ultra cool original tunes as well as singin mighty fine Dieselbilly harmony.

The Zelt Musik Fest, in Freiburg Germany is on for July. No words can describe it!

Adios Amigos, Austin Rocks!

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Our new CD Dieselbilly Road Trip is part of a 15 CD series of recordings in the Heritage Music Collection which was created by the National Council for Traditional Arts for Cracker Barrel Restaurants. (See the review in Clink Magazine). The series has a broad reach, including discs by Asleep at the Wheel, The Seldom Scene, The Balfa Brothers, Cephas & Wiggins, The Tuxedo Jazz Band and more, as well as Bill Kirchens offering. Dieselbilly Road Trip is just that, a collection of songs from the stops along the way, many of them familiar, from the Streets of Baltimore to Midnight in Memphis, with great guest performances by Linda Lay, Alan MacEwan, Chris Watling, Peter Bonta, Jeff Covert, and Ricky Davis. Available at or

Dan Rosenstein's photos of Bill at the State Theatre with the Commander

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You might want to check Frank and Carole's Lindy Week in Review, a website providing information about Lindy Hopping in the DC/Baltimore area. They have been dedicated "GrillBillies" since 1990 and feature Bill Kirchen as much as possible, especially when he is playing at a venue with a real dance floor.

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