Raise A Ruckus



Ruckus Reviews
  1. GIRLFRIEND (4:04) B. Kirchen/L. Kirchen, Lerocious Music/Adm. by Bug/BMI
  2. FLY ON YOUR JACKET (3:00) L. Kirchen, Lerocious Music/Adm. by Bug/BMI
  3. RAISE A RUCKUS (3:53) B. Kirchen, Lerocious Music/Adm. by Bug/BMI
  4. MAN IN THE BOTTOM OF THE WELL (3:49) B. Kirchen/J. Castle/A. de Lone, Lerocious Music, Jumpin’ Jupiter Music/Adm. by Bug/BMI
  5. LITTLE BITTY RECORD (3:25) A. de Lone/J. New/Tony Johnson/B. Kirchen, Globe Five Music/Smokin’ Joe Music/Crater Face Music/Lerocious Music/Adm. by Bug/BMI
  6. BIG HAT/NO CATTLE (2:14) L. Kirchen, Lerocious Music/Adm. by Bug/BMI
  7. FLIP FLOP (3:46) B. Kirchen, Lerocious Music/Adm. by Bug/BMI
  8. DREAMWORLD (2:41) L. Kirchen, Lerocious Music/Adm. by Bug/BMI
  9. LET THE FIRE BURN OUT (2:45) B. Kirchen/C. Blaker, Lerocious Music/Adm. by Bug/BMI; Neobilly Music, Ocean Bound Music, Inc./Ensign Music Corp./BMI
  10. SHE’S A YUM YUM (2:41) Dallas Frazier/BMI
  11. MY HEART HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN (3:51) C. Blaker/J. Malone, Neobilly Music, Ocean Bound Music, Inc., Ensign Music Corp./BMI
  12. LIVIN’ DANGEROUSLY (3:38) R. Lily/F. Brown/B. Kirchen, Calhoun St. Music/Fontoones Music/Lerocious Music/Adm. by Bug/BMI
  13. TRUE LOVE’S THE TREASURE (3:18) K. Farrell, Drifter Music/Adm. by Bug/BMI
  14. INTERSTATE (2:55) J. Castle/B. Kirchen/A. de Lone/J. O’Dell Lerocious Music/Adm. by Bug/BMI

Bill’s Comments:

Johnny, Jack and I pulled up stakes and moved down to San Antonio Texas for a few weeks to join forces with Austin de Lone, Tommy Detamore and Clay Blaker. The mighty Austin has been my partner in twang with the Moonlighters and Nick Lowe. Tommy plays steel in Clay’s swingin’ Texas Honky Tonky Band and Clay produces records at Tommy’s sublime and soulful Cherry Ridge Studio. We got Flaco Jimenez with whom we’d worked in New York, and the Texans turned us on to the San Antonio Horns of Al Gomez, Jr. and Louis Bustos and to Bobby Flores who plays fiddle and violin with Ray Price.

Recorded in Floresville, Texas at Tommy Detamore’s Cherry Ridge Studio January 1999
Produced by Austin de Lone
Engineered by Tommy Detamore
Mixed by Tommy Detamore & Austin de Lone
Additional Recording:
Groovetown USA, Washington, DC, Engineer, Peter Fox
Actiondale Studio, Annandale, VA, Engineer, Mike Harvey
Mastered by Dave Glasser, Airshow Mastering, Boulder, CO
Photography by:
Design and Cover Illustration by: Cindy Pascarello

The Band:

Bill Kirchen - guitar & vocals;
Johnny Castle - bass & harmony vocals;
Jack O’Dell - drums & harmony vocals


Austin de Lone - guitar, piano, organ, harmony vocals
Flaco Jimenez - accordian
Al Gomez Jr - trumpet
Louis Bustos - saxophone
Tommy Detamore - steel guitar, guitar
Bobby Flores - fiddle
Louise Kirchen - duet vocal
Clay Blaker - harmony vocal and accoustic guitar

At the sessions...

left to right - Austin deLone, Johnny Castle,
Flaco Jiminez, Jack O'Dell, Bill Kirchen

left to right - Tommy Detamore, Luis Bustos,
Al Gomez Jr, Bill Kirchen, Austin deLone

Tommy Detamore

left to right - Clay Blaker, Bill Kirchen

left to right - Luis Bustos, Al Gomez Jr


Philadelphia Daily News: Kirchen’s ‘Ruckus’ is an absolutely delightful set of rockabilly jump and country swing, spirited with great playing and way-amusing songs like ‘Little Bitty Record’ and ‘Big Hat/No Cattle’”. 4/99

Washington Post: “Even if he weren’t such a nimble guitarist and engaging singer...Kirchen’s talent as a songwriter would warrent plenty of attention. Several tunes on ‘Raise A Ruckus’ illustrate his craft and wit, particularly the album’s title track, which sounds as if it were co-written by Bob Dylan and Chuck Berry....Kirchen always infuses tunes that celebrate rock and country traditions with the spirit they demand, be it joyful, reckless or forlorn.”. 4/99

Charleston Daily Mail: “Ex-Commander Cody/Nick Lowe axeman Kirchen ... one of the most versatile, consummate and all-around tastiest guitarists in the entire U.S. of A. ... has come up with the twangiest, most consistently fun recording of his long career.” 4/99

Rolling Stone Online: “Guitarist Bill Kirchen’s resume is an impressive one: Commander Cody, Nick Lowe, Link Wray and Gene Vincent, to name but a few of his recording projects....he can always be counted on for a handful of spirited rockers per album. With liberal doses of twang, rockabilly, surf, blues, swing and even a little Tex-Mex (courtesy of guest Flaco Jimenez), the aptly titled ‘Raise a Ruckus’ makes for a perfect, eclectic soundtrack to a summer barbeque.” 4/99

3rd Coast Music: “Most discographies have their ups and downs, but Bill Kirchen’s albums just get better and better. For an extraordinary career as an indefatigable roots champion and outstanding picker, singer, and songwriter, not to mention being a really great guy, I hereby promote Bill Kirchen over his former boss, as Captain Americana.” 5/99

Amazon.com: “Bill Kirchen remains the king of twangabilly, truck-driving guitar, but this diverse CD (Raise a Ruckus) is something else ... he also augments his trio with various San Antonio pickers and horn players who give his music new kick and textures ... the soulish ‘Heart Has A Mind of Its Own’ bears a pathos that’s neither traditional nor contemporary country, but pathos in a world all its own. Bravo.” 4/99

Launch: “His latest finds Kirchen ramblin’ and rumblin’ through such cracked-corn hoots as ‘Fly On Your Jacket’, ‘Big Hat/No Cattle,’ and ‘She’s a Yum-Yum,’ as well as such why-I’m-the-way-I-am autobiographical treats as ‘Little Bitty Record (With A Great Big Hole)’ and ‘Flip-Flop.’ Toss in the obligatory guitar-from-Mars rave-up, ‘Interstate,’ and you’ve got another wacky winner from one of modern day rockabilly’s real unsung--and unstrung--heroes.” (Rated 6 out of 7) 4/99

Music Boulevard: “...It’s hard to single out favorites on Raise A Ruckus -- there’s simply not a weak cut, as each track stands out in its own right and makes a strong statement. Whether you’re a long-time devotee of Bill Kirchen, or looking to make a first purchase, Raise A Ruckus is one of the more entertaining discs released this year.” 4/99

Witchita Eagle: “It’s records like this that bring cult followings.” 5/99

Created: 3/23/99 Updated: 6/17/99 at 4:49:48 PM