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Hi....thanks for stopping in....CrosstownArts is a group effort by people active in the Washington, D.C. area music scene. Our intent is to bring together the many independent musicians, performers, artists, writers, film makers that live in our area and the nonprofit arts organizations that labor to help these artists succeed.

Mike & Maria
The D.C. arts scene is vibrant and diverse. We are a community that tries to work together and support each other. The political happenings in Washington tend to sometimes overshadow the people that make Washington their permanent home. This site is living/digitized proof that the arts community in D.C. is active, diverse and happening.

The CrosstownArts group revolves around Dan Schuman of Lawrence-Marie, Inc., who created the beautiful graphics. Our idea man is Mike Schreibman. My name is Maria Villafana, (I'm currently a music writer and producer for ). I get to build the pages and answer your questions.

You can reach us:
by phone at 703-368-3300
by email at

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